Mark Hamill, like many stars who enjoy sharing glimpses of the days before they finally made it big, likes posting the occasional photo or two from the sets of Star Wars. Just a few days ago, he shared what might very well be the first ever photo taken of Luke Skywalker in costume out in the middle of the Tunisian desert. Today, another early photo of himself as the young Jedi was unearthed, and Hamill pointed out that Lucasfilm was not keen on letting the public see it for years.

The photo, first posted by a fan account, shows Hamill as Luke wearing only the top half of his costume, with a T-shirt clearly visible underneath his tunic and regular pants over his boots.

It’s not clear exactly why Lucasfilm wanted this photo to be kept so secret, but I guess maybe they didn’t want anyone knowing their costume hacks. Nowadays it’s pretty normal for photos to come out of actors relaxing out of costume on set, but Lucasfilm might not have wanted to ruin the illusion of Skywalker’s desert farm boy duds.

I wonder how many more behind-the-scenes photos Lucasfilm and the cast of Star Wars have just lying around in an attic somewhere? If Hamill can find them all — and he’s well on his way to doing it — they’d probably make a fantastic coffee table book someday.

The next time we’ll see Mark Hamill all decked out in his Jedi robes will be Star Wars: The Last Jedi, out December 15, 2017.

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