The Kansas City Chiefs went 14-2 this season and enjoyed a week at home as a reward for that. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers enjoyed the same on the NFC side of the NFL playoffs. In the expanded playoff field, only two teams get the bye week; everyone else played this weekend.

In the NFC, the Bucs beat The Washington Football team, and the Saints beat the Bears, so they'll meet each other in New Orleans on Sunday night. The well-rested Packers will host the lowest-seeded Rams on Saturday afternoon.

In the AFC, the Ravens beat the Titans and the Bills beat the Colts. All eyes shifted to the game between the Browns and the Steelers to see who would get the privilege of getting to face Mahomes and the Chiefs next Sunday. If the Steelers won, the Ravens drew the short straw, but if the Browns pulled off the miracle, they would earn the opportunity.

If you haven't heard, the Browns were hit hard by COVID-19 this week and only had two days of practice. They were missing multiple coaches, including their head coach and play-caller, as well as several players. The Browns barely beat the Steelers last week to even make the playoff field, and the Steelers didn't use any starters. The deck was stacked against the Browns, just like Baker Mayfield likes it.

The Steelers were down 28-0 before they knew what happened, and the Browns would coast to a 48-37 victory on the backs of Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, and their two stud running backs, Nick Chubb and former Chief Kareem Hunt. The Browns' defense also picked off Big Ben four times for good measure.

With the Browns being the lowest seed, they'll now travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs on Sunday, January 17th, 2021 at 2 p.m.

Sure, it's a great NFL story, but Mayfield vs Mahomes has much deeper roots.

Mahomes was 0-2 against Mayfield in college, with the second battle being lauded as one of the greatest offensive showings of all-time between two quarterbacks. Mahomes returned the favor at the NFL level on route to an NFL MVP in 2018.

Now, in the 2021 NFL Playoffs, the Football Gods are blessing us with another chapter in the Mayfield/Mahomes saga. It's the rivalry everyone wants to see. There's a clear antagonist and protagonist. It's the perfect story.

Winner goes to the AFC Championship. Can't wait.

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