Marty McFly and Doc Brown are making their NASCAR debut next month in their signature DeLorean. It's unknown if there is a flux capacitor installed; we need to finish checking all of Texas Motor Speedway’s regulations to be sure if that's even allowed.

But seriously, McFly-Brown Racing is debuting at the AAA Texas 500 Spring Cup Series race on November 8 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Their DeLorean DMC-12, No. 85, will be driven by co-owner Marty McFly with Emmet "Doc" Brown serving as crew chief.

The team claims their car is powered by plutonium – not sure if that is within regulations either.

McFly told Texas Motor Speedway the DeLorean had plenty of horsepower for the race but that the team was still tinkering with the car’s "aero package."

At press time McFly said he was looking forward to "get me one of those cowboy hats in victory lane."

The event, including the information above, is in celebration of the re-release of "Back To The Future Part II."

To see a full listing of events or to purchase tickets, visit Texas Motor Speedway’s website.

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