The Dallas suburb of McKinney obviously has some well off citizens. The McKinney ISD just played their football game in their new facility. A $70 million high school football stadium. $70 million! And its NOT the most expensive.

I guess when nearby Allen ISD opened their really expensive football stadium last year costing a measly $60 million, the fine folks in McKinney couldn't stand by and be overshadowed. So they added another $10 million for their stadium which seats 12,000. That's almost as many as a full United Supermarkets Arena, that can hold 15,000. But neither of them have beaten America's most expensive high school football stadium. That honor goes to Cy-Fair ISD's $80 million Berry Center in Houston that opened in 2006.

The McKinney stadium also hosts a fully functional high tech student run broadcast studio and booth. And there are cracks in the concrete already too.

Just for a little comparison's sake, Lubbock ISD and McKinney ISD have almost the same amount of students total. LISD hosts 25,066 while MISD hosts 24,500. McKinney has 20 Elementary schools, 5 Middle Schools, and 3 High schools. Very similar to Lubbock. And they spent $70 million on their stadium, which is almost a full 1/3rd of the Lubbock ISD annual budget.

And from looking at these pictures of it, Lowrey Field seems pretty similar, in size at least.

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