Mike Leach joined an Oklahoma State student's podcast this weekend to talk about the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game, and then it broke into hypothetical Big 12 mascot battle royale.

You can listen to his whole answer here:

Leach is a bit of a rambler, so here's my best guess on his actual Power Ranking of Big 12 mascots.

10. Kansas Jayhawks - The only mascot to openly die in the exercise.

9. Kansas State Wildcats - Leach says the purple cats would be "certainly down the list." He also said they'd get pierced by the Longhorn, but that felt like more of a shot at Bevo than the Wildcats. Speaking of Bevo...

8. Texas Longhorns - Bevo was too boring for Mike Leach to even comment on. "C'mon, let's be serious here, that's not even dynamic enough to be interesting."

7. TCU Horned Frog - Leach opens on the Horned Frog with, "that's a tough one to take too seriously." Which is dead on. But he finishes with a positive about it looking cool and prehistoric.

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys - He didn't say anything negative about the Cowboys. He also said nothing positive. So, 6th it is.

5. Oklahoma Sooners - This one was almost bad for the Sooners who only had a covered wagon, but then Leach remembered they could have, "anything from a shotgun to a Gatling gun in there."

4. West Virginia Mountaineers - Leach is a history buff so you knew once he worked in a historical reference it'd be a positive, "Well, they do have a Davey Crocket thing to the mountaineer. they know how to sneak through the mountains and track."

3. Iowa State Cyclones - I feel like each wanted to pick this one higher but he'd eventually land on, "I don't like natural disasters as mascots. They're too inanimate." You can't leave a fight up to an act of God. There's no control there. You just got to hope and pray.

2. Baylor Bears - "a Bear would be tough" Sure it would be Mike. Sure it would.

1. Texas Tech's Raider Red - I mean, obviously, right? Leach kind of mixed the Masked Rider and Raider Red into one, so it's like two-on-one with everyone else. It's really not even fair. "Raider Red is like the headless horseman mixed with Zorro," Leach said. "We don't know the extent of his mystical powers." Dangerous.

The tipping point for Leach picking "Raider Rider" is his loyalty and respect for Texas Tech. Something we've definitely seen for the last decade as he drags the university, or at least those that were in power in 2009, through the mud.

I can hear the Mike Leach to Texas Tech rumors flaring up already.

Listen to Ryan's full interview with Mike Leach here:


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