Despite the fact that Dallas Love Field airport has flown its way to the top largest airport in the nation, more Texans are turning to taking more road trips than they are flights out of town.

The sales of motorhomes are going up due to all the COVID restrictions on air travel. I, for one, am not flying the friendly skies any time soon because I don't want to have to deal with cranky passengers! I wanna get an RV!

Oh, side note, did you know that people are now calling RVs, "COVID Campers"? I didn't get that memo either. I guess now we know!

I would give up an eyelash to be the owner of my very own COVID Camper, but seeing as how I am a bit bougie, I want an RV/motorhome that is a bit on the luxurious side.

Insert this million-dollar motorhome, stage right!


I found this bad boy on the Motor Homes Of Texas website. The asking price is $1,145,000. You can even request a test drive!

The 2016 Newell Custom 45' might not be the newest model motorhome, but it sure is pretty, and it comes with just about everything I want in an RV and then some. It runs on diesel (the latest gas prices are hovering around $1.63 a gallon, so you can fill 'er up on the cheap)!

Stocked with not one, but TWO bathrooms, its own washer and dryer, a glass-encased shower that easily fits tall people, a moon roof, and a dishwasher, the only thing I see missing is a slide-out hot tub! There is, however, a big slide-out gas grill!

Who's got one million and a hundred and forty-five thousand dollars that I can borrow?

Luxury Covid Camper Motorhome

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