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It's time to help Liz, a listener with an "in-law" issue.

Dear Lance.

Welcome to Lubbock and we love your show! I do have a problem that I want to have a little bit of help with. The holidays are coming up, and my mother-in-law has decided to take over the planning. There's just one problem, everything holiday-related is going to happen at my house this year. So, my mother-in-law has taken it upon herself to ask what's being served, who all is coming, and even down to small details such as where people will be sitting. I mean, she's even asked me for a diagram of my kitchen table and my dining room, so that she can ensure that people sit where they are supposed to and have some semblance of social distancing! She's driving me nuts! This is my Thanksgiving. How do I tell her to butt out, or do I simply disinvite her. My husband loves his mom, but even he admits things are starting to get out of hand. Please help! Sincerely Liz.



So, her Mother-In-Law has decided to take NO responsibility in planning the holiday, yet wants to dictate every last detail?

Yeah...uhhh, no.

I've known people with in-laws like this before. Mercifully, in neither of my marriages have I dealt with in-laws from least that I'll mention publicly.

Here is my suggestion, Liz... You, say nothing

Zilch. Zip. Nada.

Instead...if your Mother-In-Law is getting on yoru last nerve abut this...then it's up to you HUSBAND to say something. After all, it's his Mom, right? You'd hope that he has a close enough relationship with her to be able to let her know that she might be gettig a little too close for comfort, and should just relaz and enjoy the day.

If he DOESN'T (or WON'T say anything), then there may be bigger issues that we need to get into. But, my advice? It's his mom...he should say something to her, not you.

What do YOU think? Let's hear your suggestions for Liz...

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