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This Thanksgiving, you have a choice: Go Big, or Go Insane. This, falls into the latter.

In our never-ending battle to try and have the most innovative, creative, and sometimes psychotic ideas when it comes to Thanksgiving, someone....somewhere...thought it a good idea to merge a Thanksgiving Turkey, with Dunkin' Donuts.  The result:


It's Diabetes and Heart Disease, in Thanksgiving form. As described by Boston Magazine:

A Coolatta-Brined, Munchkin-Stuffed Thanksgiving Feast


The idea for this monstrosity ERRR...creative dish, came from the mad geniuses at Unwholesome Foods, who have made a career out of finding new uses for everyday dishes, and turning them into spectacles of culinary insanity.

But, we know what you came here for, What's IN this thing?

In order to truss this turkey, the bird is soaked overnight in a bath of orange- and strawberry-flavored Coolattas. It is then stuffed with toasted Munchkins that have been sautéed with onion (fancy!), covered in a doughnut-inspired sugar glaze and sprinkles, and served with (what else?) coffee gravy made with Dunkin’ Original Blend.

So, for those keeping score at home, they brine the bird, not in a saltwater-and-herb solution as most rational people do, but in a mixture of Dunkin' Donuts Orange and Strawberry Coolattas. THEN, they stuff it with onion-infused donut holes, and cover it with donut glaze and sprinkles. Finally, a coffee-infused gravy (the only thing that doesn't sound dangerous in this list).

A few rave souls that have actually tried this thing mentioned that the bird had a sweet and sour flavor profile, and that it was actually quite delicious. No word on whether or not those taste testers spoke from a cardiac care unit.

Bon Appetit', you brave...foolish souls.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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