Natalie Maines caused massive controversy in 2003 when she said during a concert that she was ashamed that then-President George W. Bush was from Texas. Now, the Lubbock-born singer is making headlines for taking a similar stance on Texas Senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz

Maines' tweeted the comment along with a photo with contrasting statements from Cruz and President Dwight D. Eisenhower had said about war.

Eisenhower's quote in question mulled the "brutality, futility and stupidity" of war, while Cruz's quote (from a speech in 2015) promised he would "carpet-bomb" terrorist group ISIL in the Middle East and find out if sand can glow in the dark.

Maines included a wink-y face to let followers know she was well aware of the parallel to what she had said back in 2003.

We know that Maines is a strong woman who speaks her mind and isn't afraid of what people think of her or what she has to say.

Many Lubbockites and West Texans shunned Maines following her 2003 comments, and I know personally that in radio if you still played The Dixie Chicks following "The Incident" then you were subject to ridicule, hate and, yes, even death threats.

The question was put forth last year asking if it wasn't time to forgive Maines for her comments just before she was inducted into the West Texas Walk of Fame. Maines did return to Lubbock to receive the honor and received a standing ovation at the induction ceremony.

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