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Senator Ted Cruz was not very impressed with the speech President Joe Biden delivered on Monday. Biden spoke from the White House Monday about the crisis in Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. At the end of Biden's speech, the President said the buck stops with him.

During his speech, President Biden was defiant in his decision to leave Afghanistan. But for many, it's not the decision to leave, but rather how Afghanistan was so quickly taken over by the Taliban that has people asking questions and demanding answers. That includes Senator Ted Cruz, who, in a press release, called for an investigation after Americans have been rescued from Afghanistan.

"Following the safe evacuation of American troops and civilians, Congress must begin a thorough investigation into how this catastrophe unfolded and provide the American people with an honest accounting of their leaders’ intelligence analysis, policy decisions, and political calculations," Cruz said.

Senator Cruz also took issue with President Biden pointing fingers at members of the Afghanistan military and former President Donald Trump for how Afghanistan is turning out.

“President Biden blamed President Trump, whose framework and deadlines Biden-Harris officials abandoned," said Cruz. "He blamed the Afghan military in which he had put his ‘trust,’ saying they lacked the will. He blamed everyone except himself. That’s not the behavior of a leader."

While Senator Cruz is calling for an investigation, time will tell whether it actually happens or not. After the events of this weekend, there are questions that need to be answered, both by the President and those at the Pentagon.

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