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Okay friends, we need to have a little talk.

I, like many of you, am tired of masks and of the coronavirus pandemic. I, like many of you, was also happy when Texas Governor Greg Abbott ended the mask mandate in our state.

I'm happy to take my mask off and never wear it again. I don't even blame some of you who went out and bought a ton of masks from throwing them away and even burning them (I've seen your videos).

Having said all of that, I come to you asking for you to stop doing one thing. Please stop throwing your masks out in parking lots, the side of the road or out your window while driving down the street. The little blue mask tumbleweeds aren't cute, and our farmers and ranchers have enough to deal with blowing around. The last thing they need are hundreds of masks ending up on their land during the next dust storm.

At first, I'd mainly see the masks in the parking lot of my local Walgreens or Market Street. Now they seem to be everywhere, blowing around like plastic bags and foam cups.

They are ugly; they're trash; and no one wants to pick up your dirty mask that you've been breathing into. Be an adult and do what the rest of us do with masks: rip it off and toss it in your car somewhere. Or just throw it away in the trashcan. There are plenty of those around.

Lubbock already has a lot of trash blowing around. Don't add to the problem with your dirty little mask.

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