Selling a vehicle can be stressful. Believe me, I know all about it because I'm going through the process right now! 


I was discussing selling my car with my friend Shawna the other day and she mentioned that she got WAY more than she was offered at the dealership when she took her car to the auction. I had no idea that the auto auctions were open to the least on the selling side. More on that in a minute.

I asked her where she went and she said Lubbock Auto Auction. Well, it turns out that I know them very well actually. Over the 30 years I've been in radio in Lubbock, I've done several fundraising events with them, so I felt comfortable taking my vehicle there. Although, I can't believe I didn't know that just anybody could do this!


The whole crew at LAA are SO nice and helpful too! I just went by on a Wednesday (the auction is on Thursdays) and dropped off my Nissan Armada that I'm trying to sell. The young lady behind the desk took my info, asked how much I'd like to get and said, "You're all set! Someone will be in contact tomorrow to let you know what the best offer is. Good luck!" That whole process took less than five minutes!

Thursday came and a little after 1pm, I got a call from one of their employees, Patrick, telling me what was offered. It was lower than what I though it would bring so I declined it. Patrick said he could run it through again the following week, so I said, "SURE!"

Patrick also commented, "Just remember, the first money is usually the best money. But you never know." I got a call today from Patrick and he told me the offer was now $300 more than the last one, so I took it and went to pick up my check. That's it. My car was sold and I am now happy!


One last thing though. I was talking to the long-time owner, Tadpole Furr, and he said that the way the licenses work means that licensed dealers are the only people that can bid on vehicles at the auction. But, that same license WILL allow private parties (a.k.a. YOU) to sell vehicles through the auction houses. It's more complicated than that, but that's the gist of it.

Here's where you can find an auto auction near you if you live in Texas.

One last, last thing. Check out this AWESOME truck that I saw when I was there! Anybody know more about it?


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