Neil Young generally keeps a tidy Twitter account, using it mostly for promoting his work. But his 165,000-plus followers got a bit of a surprise late Friday night (June 6) when he was hacked by somebody who really likes pornography.

Mashable reported that somebody broke into Young's account and began retweeting NSFW pictures, adding the hashtag "#neilslayed." At some point on Saturday, a tweet went out that read, "Please disregard my last few tweets. This account was hacked, but it has now been resolved and taken care of." However, Mashable says that many more tweets -- including one that pointed the finger at the alleged hacker -- went out after that.

All of the offending tweets have since been deleted, with Young's last official tweet being sent on May 28. But whoever scrubbed his feed has, as of the time of this publication, not removed several pornographic accounts from the list of those he is following.