A.J. Clemente was on his first day as a News Anchor and just made an honest mistake. (Warning: Explicit content)

I talked to a local news anchor here in Lubbock about the 5 biggest rules as you start your news career and this is what he had to say.

1) Knowing when you are on air. The young man was completely unaware of what was going on. You have to assume every microphone around you might be hot, and act accordingly.

2) Journalists give up certain rights, including the right to let the public know how they feel about controversial topics. Sure we laugh about the funny video of the cat or shake our heads about a heinous crime, but for more sensitive subjects, you have to stay quiet. Comes with the territory.

3) There is tremendous pressure, with 24/7 news and twitter, to share information as quick as possible. But we've seen how even the biggest and best news organizations, and quality reporters, have messed up in the rush to be first. Wait, get confirmation, and then move forward.

4)  The secret to success, and improvement, is good writing. People focus on what we look like, what we sound like and how we deliver the news. But much of that is shaped through writing. My advice to new broadcast journalists: is to focus on writing first and foremost.

5) Just enjoy yourself, and realize that it's a learning process every day. That poor kid made headlines for his language, but you could see how nervous he was. That's not unusual for newbies and to some extent, more experienced broadcasters like myself-- but learning to manage the nerves and enjoy the process is a big key to moving forward and improving. It's a fun job. Realize that, work hard, and treat every day as an opportunity to improve.

People are saying the TV Station should give him a second chance and I think they should. Give him a chance to redeem himself and show that he can be a great anchor!

What do you think? Should he get a second chance?

A.J. will be on David Letterman tonight, so check out it!