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Yesterday I posted about Lubbock being the 7th most dangerous city in Texas. Now, a study shows Texas is in the bottom 10 of the safest states in America. This isn't looking good.

Just like the study about Texas' safest cities, this one isn't exactly scientifically based. But it's still fairly accurate in its criteria. And these are annual statistics being used, while a truly in-depth study would use statistics over multiple years to show a trend and not just a temporary uptick.

But since we live in Texas, and in Lubbock, those temporary upticks mean crimes happening to us. And Texas came in at no. 41 out of 50. That sucks.

Texas was 30th in personal and residential safety, 33rd in financial safety, 21st in road safety which was also sadly our highest ranking, 33rd in workplace safety (which sucks for such a "business friendly state"), and last and definitely least we ranked 47th in emergency preparedness. Which includes things like terror attacks.

Looks like the great state of Texas needs a lot of work to do as far as safety goes. And Lubbock is at the top of the list of unsafe Texas cities, so lock your doors!

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