The New York Giants are on a two-game winning streak over NFC East opponents. The Giants beat the Washington Football Team, then beat the Eagles this past weekend. That keeps them alive in the NFC East at 3-7, right behind the Eagles who are 2-5-1.

As soon as things were seemingly going right for Joe Judge, the first-year head coach of the Giants, this news broke this morning:

Allegedly, Marc Colombo, the offensive line coach, and Judge got into a rumble this morning. Judge lost the fight and fired Colombo, who followed Jason Garrett to the team from Dallas.

The Giants have hired Dave DeGuglielmo to replace Colombo.

Colombo played in the NFL for 10 years with the Dolphins, Bears and Cowboys. He was listed at 6'8", 330 lbs. during his playing days. He is a man who loves thrash metal and mauling people along the trenches. I wouldn't want to fight him.

However, there are conflicting reports on the fight, with some saying it definitely didn't happen.

Of course, Judge would want people to think there was no fight where he got his ass kicked by his assistant coach. The NFL is all about commanding respect, and Judge desperately wants to be Bill Belichick. Do you think Belichick is getting punked by a first-year assistant on a new staff? No. The answer is no, that wouldn't happen.

Judge has no idea how to lead a group of grown men to a common goal. There are guys who are built to lead, and those who think they are. Judge, after starting the season 0-5, has won three of his last five and now thinks he's a hall of famer. I'm sure Colombo took exception to the special teams expert Judge telling him how to coach his offensive line.

Maybe actual punches weren't thrown or that the initial announcement of a fistfight was overblown, but something had to have happened to make this move now in the middle of the season when the team is in a position to win the division.

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