A few weeks ago, someone started a push online to get President Obama to release the SECRET RECIPE for the White House beer.  One guy even filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get his hands on it.

But before that could go through, Obama decided to reveal it.  On Saturday, the White House's chef, Sam Kass, posted the recipes on the White House blog.

If you're a home brewer, the recipes for White House Honey Ale and White House Honey Porter will mean more to you than they do to us.  Just know it takes a bunch of different types of cracked malt and hops to pull them off.

One reason the beer recipes were just released COULD be Obama's effort to play himself up as a beer drinker this election.

Mitt Romney is Mormon and doesn't drink alcohol, so Obama might be targeting the "I drink beer, just like you" vote.

Also, on a semi-related note, a website just published the recipe if you want to try to recreate the Wendy's chocolate Frosty at home.  It looks like you need an ice cream maker and a lot of patience.  Probably not worth saving the $1.29.

I tried it. Despite its promise of a fresh new flavor, it winds up being the same old thing with a bitter aftertaste.

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