Inspired by the TV show "American Ninja Warrior," this new play place for kids to explore and go wild looks like another fun place I would have gone crazy for when I was younger. Who am I kidding? I want to play there now! 

Located on south Indiana near some other notable fun spots, Obstacle Warrior Kids in Lubbock is on the same street as The Range for golfers, Soccer Indoors, Adventures, and now OWK. And the prices are very reasonable, too. With one or two-hour play times all day long, your kids can have a blast for not a lot of money. And they're playing and exercising, not just looking at video screens.

They also have separate areas for kids of different age groups and playing levels. Its indoors, so the weather and heat are never an issue. Obstacle Warrior Kids Lubbock is open for around 10 hours a day most days, so play times are always available. No reservations needed, and you can have private parties. I am so taking my kids there ASAP!

They also have special classes for different age groups if you have kids that need some instruction, or just want to learn how to be the best obstacle warrior around.

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