Usually, when I do an article in this series, it's focused on one old Lubbock business that's long gone.

This time around, I decided to look at three iconic businesses that are long gone, but left their mark on Lubbock.

Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster Video
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Blockbuster Video had locations all over Lubbock. This place was hopping on Friday and Saturday night. You would head in with your parents/friends/significant other and argue over which movie and/or video games you would watch/play. At one point, Blockbuster dominated the video rental business in Lubbock, putting a hurt on locally-owned video rental stores.

Blockbuster called it quits in 2010 thanks to companies like Netflix. ('Blockbuster and chill' was around LONG before 'Netflix and chill'!)

Circuit City

Circuit City Files For Bankruptcy Protection
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Circuit City was at South Loop 289 and Slide Rd. They managed to beat Best Buy into the Lubbock market. Besides the department stores, Circuit City was the only place you could buy a decent TV, a computer and a CD all in one place. It was nice to be able to get awesome goods and decent prices along with good service. They called it quits in 2008. (I still have an old-school CRT TV I bought there in 1997.)

Montgomery Ward

Credit: Pleasant Family Shopping
Credit: Pleasant Family Shopping

Montgomery Ward was at 50th and Boston. Once upon a time, along with Sears, Ward's had it all. Huge catalog, everything you needed for your home, car repair and more. The business started off in downtown Lubbock where the federal courthouse is now and eventually moved to 50th and Boston, where the Home Depot is.

They were the first of the big three department stores to call it quits back in 2000 due to poor sales, bad business practices and long-term leases on real estate that were in bad areas. (Side note: Colony Brands, owner of The Swiss Colony, purchased the rights to use the name in 2008 and it continues, in name only, as a catalog/online retailer.)

HONORABLE MENTION: Taco Cabana at 56th and Slide Road & 19th and Ave. W.

They still exist, just not in Lubbock. They left in the late 90s due to health department issues and alleged mismanagement by the franchise owners. How I miss pigging out on the salsa bar with the $1 dozen tortillas.

These are just a few of the businesses that aren't here anymore that made an impact.  What are some others? Let us know in the comments!

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