Lubbock has always had a number of television newspersons that went on to bigger and better markets. But what stands out to me as time has passed was the fashions of the 1980's and how these folks rocked the clothes and hair!

In this installment of 'Once Upon a Time in Lubbock' I decided to raid the YouTube archives for the classiest fashions of 1980's Lubbock's TV news.

Let's start on March 12, 1983, with Brian Jones and Barbara Wallace on KLBK NewsCenter 13. (This is the entire newscast if you really want to remember the good old days!)

Barbara looks fetching that red and navy blue number, and the hair is growing! While Brian looks like a Lubbock version of Ron Burgundy! LOVE THE PART IN HIS HAIR!

On May 13, 1987, Lubbock TV News veterans Abner Euresti and Karen McKay were both much younger and a little more toned down in their fashion sense compared to Brian and Barbara at KLBK.

Karen had the hair going on, and Abner had the part in his hair then, just like now!

From this 1988 broadcast from KAMC TV 28, I noticed a lot going on in less than 25 seconds.

Jeff Klotzman, now of KJTV, was sporting that gold blazer, while Sharon Maines was sporting a gold-ish dress. Nice matching!  But what I found funny is that Jeff, Keith Williams, Don Morelli and Rick Hays all had the exact same hairstyle. What was that all about? Did they have a deal with the same stylist?

HONORABLE MENTION goes to Arcie Chapa, former NewsCenter 13 Anchor. From May 16, 1987, she was rocking the whole patriotic outfit and hair.

But red and bright blue with pearls? Really Arcie?

What do you think of these fashions and hair of the time? Were local anchors starting fashion trends?

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