If you went to Lubbock High School like I did 'Once Upon a Time,' then you probably sat on some of these auditorium seats. Wooden, hard as a rock, and not comfortable.

Such famous folk such as Buddy Holly, The Heathen, Boleo and Renee Raven have sat in these chairs!

Lubbock High is now selling off all of these old seats on Saturday, December 16th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the east parking lot at Lubbock High School.

From LHS:

Prices for the chairs are as follows:
Chairs that are complete with sides, back and seat are$25 per chair. Group of 2- $50, Group of 3- $75, etc. If a person wants to buy the chair pieces then they can pay $10 for a back, two sides, and a seat. Please bring your own tools because some pieces are attached.

You must be able to take your purchase with you at the time you pay for it.

This is a really cool piece of history and now you can own some of it for yourself!


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