Leading up to the Super Bowl, Visa's been running those ads with the four old guys in the "Never Miss a Super Bowl" club.  They've been at EVERY SINGLE SUPER BOWL in person, starting with Super Bowl One in 1967.

Well,  looks like the Visa ad was one of those famous jinxes, like the "Sports Illustrated" cover jinx...because one of the four guys MISSED this Super Bowl. And, to make it worse, he's a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. Read more on the next page.

The guy who missed the game is 79-year-old Robert Cook of Brown Deer, Wisconsin.  He had to be hospitalized with an illness . . . his family chose not to disclose what the illness is.

But he was in the hospital and couldn't make it from Wisconsin to Texas for the game.

His two daughters went to see the game instead, and took a photo of their dad on a stick to hold up.  The other three men in the club made it to the game.

Robert's wife, Sarah Cook, told reporters, quote, "He's depressed.  This is sad for him.  He doesn't want to be [in the hospital]."

Here's Visa's ad that spotlights Robert:

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