La Michoacana Vip is a brand new spot in Lubbock that you need to check out if you love sweets. I walked in and was amazed at all the amazing choices and flavors they had. Have you even heard of avocado ice cream or popsicles with real fruit inside it?

La Michoacana Vip had their grand opening on October 29th, so obviously I had to check them out on their third day of being open. No pressure, right? When I walked into the shop, I noticed it's full of color and there are so many things to look at. With so many choices on the menu, I wasn't quite sure what to try. So I got ice cream and the Hot Cheetos Con Elote (obviously).

If you're an ice cream lover, you need to check this place out. I got the Snickers ice cream, and not only did they give me a ton for one scoop (pictures below), but it was also soft, creamy and packed with a lot of flavor. It wasn't like a Snickers crunched up; it was like they took everything that's inside a Snickers and just made it into their own ice cream.

My coworker Justin came with me and said he loved it and will definitely come back. He somehow has never had Paletas before, but was intrigued by the Oreos one (out of the dozens there). He said it was amazing.

I spoke with the family that owns the ice cream shop and they say everything is homemade with the flashiest ingredients.

Next time I go back, I want to try something new. The Esquimales, pretty much a dipped ice cream popsicles, is probably next on my list. Or maybe an Aguas Frescas. What would you try?

The kind workers at La Michoacana Vip mostly speak Spanish, so just prepare to order your treats en Español. It's definitely different than any place I've been to in Lubbock. You can find out more about them at their location, 2109 50th Street or at their official Facebook page.

If you know any new places opening up or want us to cover somewhere cool, please email me! I love trying new places. Contact me at:

La Michoacana Vip

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