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This breaks my heart.

It was only a short while ago that I reached out to Eric Cowan and Pierre Gabelli, the talented chefs at Parma Ristorante Italiano (4646 50th Street, formerly Stella's) about their exciting new authentic Italian restaurant. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is likely going to see many more losers than winners. To be honest, it feels like everyone is losing right now.

Parma Ristorante Italiano announced their closure Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 via their Facebook page:

"We are sad to say thay Parma Ristrante Italiano was forced to close it doors. We want to thank all the friends and patrons that have supported us over the past year. We have enjoyed being able to be a part of the Lubbock community."

Luckily, with their talents, I'm sure they can find another outlet to share their culinary expertise with Lubbock.

Please remember to support small businesses during this time. Your dollars, no matter how few, matter to our local economy. Local businesses keep that money flowing through our town, as the owners are your friends and neighbors.

Next time you're deciding on where to eat, eschew the major chains and support a talented local eatery instead.

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