Pets Plus (6419 University Ave.) was burglarized Monday night (December 2nd, 2019). Thieves smashed their window and stole two English Bulldog puppies.

A $500 reward is being offered for information that leads to arrest and conviction. From the business:

Pets Plus was broken in to last night, and these female English Bulldogs were stolen. $500 reward offered that leads to the arrest and conviction of the thieves. Spread the word!

Pets Plus will only have their drive-thru window open today as a result of the damage.

In spite of it being a small, locally-owned business, Pets Plus has donated $10,000 worth of supplies to the Lubbock Animal Shelter in the past year alone. These are really lovely, caring people who ask me how my gecko is doing. They truly care about animals and the people who love them.

Bulldogs are not easy nor cheap to care for. They have specialized diets and vet requirements. They require regular grooming practices by someone who knows what they are doing. I'm concerned about the welfare of these puppies.

Please keep your eyes peeled in local for-sale Facebook groups, Craigslist, etc., for someone trying to sell these puppies.

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