Remember back when you worried how many minutes you had left on your cell phone?  Or when your biggest complaint was dropped calls or bad reception?  Seems like a distant memory.

According to a new study, phone calls are now only the FIFTH most popular thing we do with our phones.  Here are the ten things we do on our phones most often, with the average amount of time we spend doing them each day:

#1.)  The internet, 25 minutes.

#2.)  Social media, 17 minutes.

#3.)  Music, 16 minutes.

#4.)  Games, 14 minutes.

#5.)  Phone calls, 12 minutes.

#6.)  Emails, 11 minutes.

#7.)  Texting, 10 minutes.

#8.)  Watching TV, movies, or videos, 9 minutes.

#9.)  Reading books or magazines, 9 minutes.

#10.)  Taking photos, 3 minutes.

The study also found that 54% of people now use their phone instead of an alarm clock...and 46% say their phone has replaced their watch.