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On Wednesday morning, August 5th, USA Today released an article containing allegations by Texas Tech Lady Raider basketball players regarding abuse by Head Coach Marlene Stollings, along with two assistant coaches.

The scathing allegations are disturbing and terribly disheartening if even remotely true.

One player claimed that after being admonished for suffering from symptoms of depression, teammates surprised her with a new dog. The new pup brought an increase in positive emotions to the player, and she appreciated the responsibility of caring for the animal. But when Coach Stollings learned about the pet, she allegedly had it removed from the player's care. According to the player, she has not seen the dog since.

Mental health should be a primary concern for anyone with the responsibility of coaching. Mentorship involves making sure that the emotional well-being of the subject stays strong so that endurance through any challenging obstacle can be maintained.

The allegations of body shaming, verbal abuse, and physical negligence are being touted as the reason for many of the recent departures by players on the team.

When asked by USAToday about the allegations, Coach Stollings responded by stating:

We know change is difficult and that has been no different at Texas Tech. Some wonderful young women have decided to leave our program and pursue their dreams elsewhere. I hope they have found everything they are looking for at their new destination. Our administration and my staff believe in the way we are building and turning this program around here. Our student athletes are developing a disciplined approach both on and off the court. I want our students, fans and alumni to know we are committed to winning championships at Texas Tech and doing it the right way through hard work, accountability and fierce determination.

To read more about the extensive allegations reported by USA Today, the full story is here.

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