Thieves are the lowest of the low. And Lubbock is getting hit by the worst of them all over again. Help us find and arrest this group of jerks before they steal from you.

Porch package thieves are such crappy people. It's one step short of breaking into your home and violating your personal space. That's why we need to stop these people before they do it some more. This happened in the Bacon Crest subdivision in Lubbock.

This is from Victoria Yepes' Facebook page. And here are some still pics of the thieves and their vehicle.

With as easy as internet shopping has become, the package drop off on your porch makes life a breeze, but it also makes it easy for the thieves to take your stuff. I don't know if you should have it shipped to a holding place that you can pick up from, or make sure your deliveries are only left with an actual person, but this is getting out of hand.

Call the LPD if you know who these people are, or anyone who has stolen someone else's stuff. Thieves suck.

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