I'm pretty sure no woman dreams that one day her prince will propose at a fast food place.  That might even rank below JumboTron proposals. But if you're gonna do it, might as well get something out of it.

The fast food chain Fazoli's has just announced that if you get engaged at any of their restaurants on Valentine's Day, you'll get FREE SPAGHETTI FOR A YEAR.

Your new fiancée will get free spaghetti for a year too...assuming she doesn't break up with you on the spot for, ya know, PROPOSING AT A FAZOLI'S.

You'll also be eligible for a drawing to win $500 in Fazoli's catering for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or shower.

To be eligible, you have to tell the restaurant manager you're planning to propose before you do it, not after. And with all that spaghetti on the line, they'll probably want proof you really DID just get engaged, so it isn't a scam just to get free pasta.

(PR Newswire)