If you frequent Craigslist, pawn shops or garage sales, please be on the lookout for Trey Topper's amp, which was among items burglarized from Providence Presbyterian last week. It's highly likely that the amp was sold or will be sold for quick cash.

As someone who has had expensive items stolen from me, I know it is simply heartbreaking. Like Trey's amp, I'm sure my sfx makeup didn't inspire the thief to pursue their creative passion. It probably was sold or dumped.

Lubbock has sky-high property crime, and we can help fix that by being vigilant in times like these. If we all keep an eye out for stolen items, not only might Trey get his amp back, but it might save you from getting robbed in the future.

If you find the amp for sale, please contact police non-emergency at (806) 775-2865, or you can respond to Trey's Facebook post.

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