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I love Ralph's Records so much. The store is a treasure, and the people that run it might as well be family. Local radio and local record stores -- it's the best possible combo in my opinion.

Ralph's is offering curbside, and it's super easy. I just messaged the Ralph's Facebook page and told them what I was looking for. Doug found it, then brought it out to me when I was ready. It's so easy. (If you're wondering, I bought two seasons of The Simpsons.)

You can also call or text.

We are back rolling curbside delivery starting right now! Call us at 8067953322 or text me at 8065430402 for anything you’re looking for!! 10am-6pm!

Don't succumb to boredom. Use this time to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movies, and play your favorite video games. You'd be surprised at the amazing selection Ralph's has to offer.

Ralph's is at 82nd & Indiana in the Big Pink Building. Tell Doug I love him.

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