No Shave November has become a thing for men after Pinktober for women. And if you're a hirsute-type of chap, you can prove your hairy manliness and win some men's beard care stuff, too.

Regimen Men's Fine Grooming is starting the contest Thursday, November 1st.

I actually get my hairs did at Regimen all the time now. (Hint: So does Kliff Kingsbury, because we're both awesome, lol.) So for all you guys out there who think you can grow an epic beard, this is a contest just for you.

There are two categories for Baby Face and Hairy Beard Head Start. So you can go in and get a clean shave and start from scratch, or you go start from wherever you already are and measure again at the end of the month. Entry fee is $25, and all the proceeds go to the Lubbock community.

Check out the Facebook event page for more info.

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