The issue of whether or not Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction will be debated forever. Who cares! The guy was pure evil. WMDs or not, he was AWFUL and here's even more proof...

Between 1998 and 2001, Saddam Hussein and his son pulled some of history's more mean-spirited April Fools' Day pranks, no surprise there.

--First, the country's government-run newspaper published a fake report that President Clinton was lifting sanctions on Iraq.  If it had been true, it would have been huge for the country's economy...but it wasn't true.

--Then, for April Fools' Day in 1999 Saddam's son Uday announced that the monthly food rations would also include bananas, Pepsi, and chocolate.  People got excited, then he said he was just joking.

--After that, Saddam and his fellow pranksters ran out of ideas. They did the sanctions prank again in 2000, and the food rations prank again in 2001. And now they're all dead.

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