Bad news, my cheap, selfish friends. This year when you walk past the Salvation Army bell ringer, and tell him you're SO sorry but you don't have any cash or change...even though you totally do... it won't work.

Because this year, Salvation Army bell ringers will be swiping credit cards on their PHONES in some cities.

They'll use a device called Square to take credit card donations right on the spot. It's a little credit card reader that plugs into a smartphone.

They tried actual credit card machines over the past few years, but they weren't as successful with the large crowds in larger cities.

Let's face it, the longer it takes to make a donation, the more time you have to make up an excuse and make a run for it.

The new program starts in Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York this year. But it could expand to other cities quickly if it works.

The Salvation Army in Lubbock will have credit card machines at Kettles located at:
--Sam's Club

--United (82nd and Frankford)

--Market Street United (98th and Quaker)

--Hobby Lobby

--JC Penney's

--Women's Dillard's

You can also get your very own free Bell Ringer App for the iPhone! Click HERE for more info on that.

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