Most Giveaways that baseball teams will have for their fans are straight forward. Bottle heads, caps, shirts and the occasional mini bat. The Seattle Mariners though are taking their giveaways a step further. Fans who attend a Mariners’ game next season can expect to take home quite a smelly and ecofriendly gift. That gift…. is compost.

Fans will now be given bags of compost made from the garbage that they leave behind at the stadium. Your $10 beer, your half eaten $3 hot dog and all the shells of the sunflower seeds that you spit will now be given back to you.

“Think of it as taking a little bit of the ballpark home,” said Scott Jenkins, Mariners vice president for ballpark operations.

So basically fans can watch a garbage baseball team that finished the 2010 season with 101, and then take their own garbage home. It’s a win-win situation in Seattle.

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