The Lubbock Police Department has a new computer program called RAIDS Online that shows you all the crime in our city. And it's a lot!

We recently told you about Lubbock being the 2nd most violent city in Texas. Now, thanks to some new software at the Lubbock Police Department, you can see where all of that crime is, including how close to your house it's happening.

Here's how it works according to the LPD:

The Lubbock Police Department keeps detailed records about each incident that occurs in our jurisdiction. RAIDS Online takes this data, cleans it to protect victim privacy and displays it on the website to the public so citizens can be aware of the events that occur in their area and take action to stay safe.

After selecting Lubbock, Texas, you can type in an address and date range to narrow what's displayed. Different crimes are represented by different emblems, so you can tell robberies, assaults and other crimes apart.

Trust me, no matter where you live, crime is happening pretty close.


    Lubbock Named 2nd Most Violent City in Texas