If you haven't lived under a rock for the past, oh, forever or so; you know that West Texas gets cold. And, that we don't do very well in it.

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Especially when it comes to driving.

In fact, we kinda suck at it when it gets below 32 degrees. Or, below 80 for that matter.

Every so often, we hear from northern outsiders who can't fathom that we really don't want to take to the roads in the snow or ice, and that we are kinda wimpy when they call weather days at school over an inch of snow or a little bit of ice.

For that, your honor, I present Exhibit "A", from Dallas:

Yep, it gets real when it ices over here in the Republic of Texas. Real scary.

Someone in the comments' mentioned that this guy made a nice save to avoid hitting the barrier, but questioned why they would get out of the car in such an unsafe situation.

Twitter- Via @bclemms
Twitter- Via @bclemms

I agree. If someone slides and clips the back of your car. You're an Ice Cream Sandwich waiting to happen.

Even this morning, we saw bridges and overpasses icing over here in West Texas, to where you could feel your car start to change lanes involuntarily. So, no thanks. Mercifully, a lot of businesses allow for people to work from home if they need to during harsh weather. If that happens, take advantage of it, and don't let the Yankee haters make you feel like you are less than hardy.

(Oh, and by Yankee haters, we mean haters, who are from the north. Not people who dislike the New York Yankees. We're cool with those folks.)


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