Whenever anyone says the word Silo in Texas most people automatically think of Chip and Joanna Gains and the Silo’s in Waco. But after seeing photos of this amazing Airbnb known as The Silo House at Laughing Llama Farm in Troy, Texas this might become your new favorite.  

It’s obviously a huge hit with everyone who has used this vacation rental as it’s recorded 265 reviews online and has 4.99 out of a possible 5.00 on their ratings. This rental has had its own share of promotional time as it’s been featured on HGTV, Business Insider, Trips to Discover, NBC Texas Today, and Cowgirl Magazine.  

The Silo House Airbnb is in a great location within 30 minutes of Waco, Temple, and Belton. Which means if you really love Silo’s and want to see the Magnolia Market and Silo District, you’re only about 28 miles from that popular tourist destination. 

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The Silo House is a Nice Getaway, not for the Whole Family 

This Airbnb is perfect if you just need a relaxing getaway, it’s not big enough for the whole family to join you as it’s only 1 bedroom. But as you look through the photos below you see how perfect this would be if you need to disconnect from the craziness in your everyday world.  

How Much Does it Cost to Stay at The Silo House at Laughing Llama Farm? 

You’re going to pay more than at a normal hotel but the price isn’t outrageous at $292 per night before any taxes or fees. And if you love animals, you’re in luck because at the Laughing Llama Farm there are llamas, sheep, goats, and cows. Check out the beautiful photos for yourself: 

The Silo House Rental in Troy, Texas

This vacation rental in Troy, Texas is such a great place to relax and enjoy.

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Let's Explore The Silo at the Laughing Llama Farm in Troy

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