Posting Facebook updates about tiny, insignificant things is annoying.  But parents...especially NEW parents...can be the MOST annoying, because they constantly post insignificant updates about their KIDS.

If you're a mom or a dad (or you're about to be one) here are six more things you shouldn't be doing on Facebook.

#1.)  Announcing You're Pregnant as Soon as You Find Out. First of all, you should tell your parents and close friends first...either in person or on the phone.  It's just rude to tell them AFTER you tell your 500 random Facebook friends.

And even if you're not waiting the traditional three months before you tell people, you should at least wait until you're SURE you're pregnant.  You don't want to tell everyone you know, then find out the pregnancy test was wrong.

#2.)  Making Your Profile Picture a Photo of Just Your Baby. If you want to show off your kid, that's fine.  But at least make it a photo of the TWO of you.

Also, stop posting NAKED pictures of your kids. It's a lot different than keeping them in a photo album where only YOU can access them.

#3.)  Letting People Know the Laundry Is Done. This isn't just for parents, it applies to everyone:  Unless you accidentally turned all your clothes pink, nobody cares about how much laundry you did.

#4.)  Discussing Dirty Diapers. If you're a new parent, one or two dirty diaper stories are acceptable.  But any more than that and you'll just start grossing people out.  Especially if you go into detail and talk about things like color and consistency.

#5.)  Giving Play-by-Play Potty Training Updates. The same rule applies:  The first time they use the bathroom, feel free to post something about it if you want to.  But stop there.

And don't specify whether it was a "number one" or a "number two."  Your friends realize it was one or the other, and they don't really care which one it was.

#6.)  Making Every Single Status Update About Your Kids. Obviously they're the most important part of your life, so it's easy to do.

But if you NEVER talk about anything else, eventually your friends will ONLY think of you as a parent.