As you may have guessed, I recently had a "tangle" with the law. Standard procedure...I see lights in my rear view followed by appropriate expletives. He takes my license to his car, comes back and presents me with what looks like a receipt from McDonald's. What's this? "This is your citation, sir." Wow! The last time I got one of these (15 years ago!) They were hand written with carbon copies attached. He wishes me a good evening and tells me to watch my speed.

After more expletives I read the receipt. It doesn't look like a ticket! This is rich...I am to appear before the judge for whom I spent much time to get her husband elected to city council. Hmmm....lucky me!? It is the day before I am to appear and I have called the office of said judge several times and the paperwork hasn't been turned in so we cannot proceed. Boy, the wheels of justice DO turn slowly even if the ones on my truck don't.