It's happened to all of us.

You're running late for a hair appointment and pedicure, or maybe trying to make it to Evie Mae's before they run out of ribs on a Saturday. You're not paying too much attention because you're in a hurry, but you do notice that you seem to be moving pretty quickly. You glance in your rearview mirror and your heart sinks when you see the unmistakable light pattern of a Lubbock PD cruiser flagging you down.

Congratulations, you're officially having a bad day.

Police pulling over vehicle on the streets
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Last week, I was feeling like hot garbage and had no voice to speak of. So I decided to head out to a friendly neighborhood urgent care to get my hands on some medication and TLC.

After stopping by one location and hearing that they were not accepting "sick visits" (huh?), I was a little steamed. I stepped on the gas to head to the next destination on my healthcare provider's approved list.

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I was obviously distracted as I headed east on the Marsha Sharp Access Road and did not notice my speedometer until the exact moment that I noticed a Lubbock Police Department motorcycle officer puling out behind me, lights fully ablaze. I looked down, and was shocked to see my pace.

68 in a 45 zone.


As I pulled into the first parking lot I could find, I started to cough up a lung out of illness and rage. I thought of my soon-to-skyrocket insurance rates, starting in on another coughing fit. The officer strode up to the window and asked for the usual documentation. He then explained that he had clocked me at 68 and asked why I was going so fast.

I told the story without embellishment (and without a voice) that I was on my way to another urgent care and was frustrated that the last one wasn't taking new patients. He asked if I wasn't feeling well and looked at me to confirm. He noticed my lack of color and agreed it was ridiculous.

He asked if I had Covid, to which I croaked out a denial (I had tested negative). At this point, he began to take pity on me. He handed my license back and admonished me for my speed, but encouraged me to take care of myself. I thanked him profusely and headed out.

I had beaten a ticket.

Now, admittedly I wouldn't recommend using illness as an excuse to rip up the road, but I do appreciate the officer's sympathy in understanding that I was clearly uncomfortable, and full of sinus crapola and didn't want to make a bad day worse.

There are good people out there. Choose to be a good person. Trust me, if I'd pulled the 'I'm sick, can't you just let me go?' card, I'd have a summons in front of me right now. But respect is everything. I understood why I got pulled over, and he understood why I was channeling my inner Cale Yarborough. We are able to tell the tale without taking driver education.

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