We all have things that frighten us, for me that is snakes, I just don't like them. I can totally appreciate that they eliminate many bugs and little rodents in the state of Texas but I want them to do those things far away from me. So, when I saw this photo of a snake coming out of a birds mouth I immediately thought this is what nightmares are made of.

The photo was captured by Elise Kitchens as she was getting in a hike at Brazos Bend State Park which is just southwest of the Houston area this past Saturday, March 5th. Beyond trying to get some exercise on the weekend she is also a photographer which is why she had a camera with her and was able to get such an amazing shot. The bird is an American Bittern and it was feeding on a red-bellied mudsnake.

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The Snake Was Trying To Avoid Becoming a Meal for the Bird

According to Texas Park and Wildlife Elise mentioned that this snake had been swallowed twice but it kept trying to come back up to make it's escape. But the third time was the final attempt and the bird finished the job and finished consumption of the snake. You have to appreciate the fight that the snake made for survival but it just wasn't enough to get away.

My Reaction Would Have Been Much Different

If I would have seen this I would have run the other way, putting as much space between me and the snake as possible. The picture will probably haunt my dreams for years to come, but it is a great representation of the circle of life. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, and having the perfect equipment to capture the moment.

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