Schwing! With the SNL 40th Anniversary Specialbringing back all their heavy hitters, you had to know that Wayne and Garth were going to come back for one more Wayne's World. We had to wait until the end of the special, but it was worth it to see their “SNL Top 10” that broke the fourth wall and was actually sweet.

As they do, Wayne and Garth did a classic top 10 listing all about SNL, where Mike Myers and Dana Carvey didn't even seem to want to pretend that Wayne and Garth aren't actually members of the SNL cast. On a night of SNL tributes (one, massive 3.5 hour tribute), this Wayne's World sketch was itself a tribute to the show.

Wayne and Garth gave it up to creator/producer Lorne Michaels (why would Wayne and Garth even know who Lorne is) with each doing their best Lorne-isms. (Fun fact: Mike Myers' impression of Michaels was the inspiration for Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies.) They saved their #1 spot for the SNL crew as the cameras panned around to show all the nameless, faceless people who help make SNL a reality on a weekly basis.

Not to be lost in all this is the cameo by Kanye West, who repeatedly threatened to bum rush the stage, so Wayne and Garth had security in the audience to keep him in his seat.

It wasn't necessarily the funniest Wayne's World sketch ever, but it was a fitting end to the SNL 40th Anniversary Special. Party time. Excellent.

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