As it happens every year in West Texas, the second that temperatures start to dip near freezing the citizenry begins to twitch with anticipation that perhaps, snow could be on the way.

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For more on that, let's take a live look at our ace weather reporter who is reporting from an undisclosed location as we speak:

Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash
Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

Ummm, hello? HELLO???? Great. Ahem.

For those of us who have stayed behind to enjoy these 30 degree nights, we tend to keep an eye on our weather apps, and our dear colleague Ron Roberts for actual expert analysis. With that in mind, we need to ask: Is It Going To Snow Before Thanksgiving Here In Lubbock?

Short answer:


We may get something to the north of us, but let's be honest here, Amarillo is really just extreme Northeast Oklahoma, so it doesn't really count. As far as Thanksgiving goes, that's a tough putt since it looks like our best chance for anything frozen could be on Friday, but only a very slight possibility.

Weather Screenshot

Yeah, looks kind of boring.

Next week, we are expected to warm back up in the 60's, so you can put your toboggan away. There's not going to be anything frozen, unless Uncle Charley brings his industrial strength Margarita Machine to thanksgiving dinner. Or, unless you forget to pull the turkey out of the freezer, before starting to cook. That could be problematic. I did that one year. I also know someone who tried to deep fry a turkey without letting it thaw.  His yard looked like Mt. St. Helens. It was glorious, and we got to eat at Cracker Barrel that day.


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