On September 12th, the St. Louis Cardinals lost 6-to-5 to the Pittsburgh Pirates. That put them five games back in the National League wild card race with only 15 games to play...meaning they were a HUGE longshot to make the playoffs.

But there was one Cardinals fan from St. Louis who still had faith...and he happened to be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. That night, they had the odds of St. Louis making the World Series at 500-to-1, and winning it at 999-to-1.

That guy, whose identity hasn't been released, put $250 on both of those bets.

The Cardinals went on a tear, the Atlanta Braves collapsed, even though they were the wild card leaders at the time...and the Cardinals ended up making the playoffs. Then they beat the Phillies. And then they beat the Brewers.

When they beat the Brewers, won the National League, and made the World Series, the guy's 500-to-1 bet paid off and he won $125,000.

If the Cardinals win the World Series, he'll get another $250,000. Last night was Game 2, and they lost. Which is too bad, because they won the first game, and teams that go up 2-0 in the World Series have won 40 out of 50 times.

I hope this guy is happy with his $125K, because the Rangers are going to WIN IT ALL!!!!!

Here are his gambling tickets:


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