Pumpkin prices could be WAY up this Halloween. And let's see which one of the usual suspects gets the blame this time. The economy? Nope. Global warming? Nope. Illegal immigrants? Nope. Hurricane Irene? We have a winner!

The flooding and rains caused by Irene screwed up the harvest and the soil, which looks like it's going to lead to a shortage in pumpkins that come from the east coast. Irene’s has also had an effect on the South Plains as well. Something to do with La Nina…or global warming…or Al Gore. I’m really not sure. You’d have to ask Ron Roberts. Anyway, when supply goes down, the prices shoot up.

There's no word on exactly how much they might cost. In the past few years, they've averaged about 40 to 50 cents per pound.

I spoke with Jason from The Pumkin Pyle in Floydada. Here’s what he had to say:

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