This is about as moving as it gets.

Clarence Blackmon, an 81-year-old Army veteran from Fayetteville, North Carolina who has cancer, recently called 911 to say he was starving and needed food because he didn't have any. His actual words?

What I need is someone to get to the store and bring me some food because I have to eat something."

Authorities arrived at Blackmon's home with food and, after his story went public, he's been besieged with offers from people all over the country looking to lend a hand. He now has plenty of food in a story that has touched many.

No one knew Blackmon was in such dire straits because the Department of Social Services was not notified after he had been released from a rehab center, leaving him to fend for himself, which ultimately led to his desperate call to 911.

Blackmon is touched by the generosity he has seen and now wants people interested in helping to make a donation to the Salvation Army to help others who need it.

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