Polly want a...tooth?

In the biggest setback to the dental industry since wooden teeth, this kid lets a parrot pull out his loose tooth. Somewhere, there's a joke about British people having such bad teeth they'd be all for this, but we're too skeeved out by the fact this youngster may have contracted bird flu to make it.

We've seen innovative ways to pull out a tooth before, but the animal kingdom is not usually involved. Think about it -- there are people who can't stand the thought of getting licked by a dog, so you just know that the idea Woody Woodpecker doing reconstruction in someone's yapper isn't going to go over well, either.

But who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of a strange trend where animals fix our ailments. Monkeys can tend to our broken arms when we fall while climbing a tree. Dogs can lick our wounds (literally!) and cats can...well, cats can just stand to the side and snicker at us like they always do.

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