Steve Richie, a staple in West Texas radio and television for more years than I can remember, has passed away.

Steve had a stroke May 11, 2016, and we got word Monday night that he had passed away.

I had known Steve through media circles and would see him at events throughout the years, but I didn't ever get to know him until I worked on the morning show with he and Mark Allen in Slaton.

Steve was a passionate person who loved his family and media. He really, really loved radio and enjoyed a long career

We had a brother-sister type relationship. He was the consummate BSer, and many times I would call him on it. I quickly found out that he only called me "sister" when he needed me to do something for him.

But, as many times as he got under my skin, many more times he absolutely cracked me up.

When no one else was at the station, he would confide in me about things going on in his life and ask advice. I always shot straight with him, just like I do with everyone.

We hadn't seen each other in well over a year when I got word last week that he had suffered a massive stroke.

Steve had gotten married around a year ago, and I was so happy because the main thing he wanted was to be loved. He finally found someone to love and who truly loved him just for being him.

When Steve needed to get his personal energy up, he always put on a Tony Joe White song. That was his go-to music. More than once, Mark Allen and I looked sideways at each other when Tony Joe came on for the third or fourth morning in a row.

I remember one summer morning we were cautioning people working outside to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Steve tried to convey his concern by saying, "yes, you guys be careful out there today out in the sun, exposing yourselves." What?!

He definitely had a unique way of turning a phrase.

Rest in peace, brotherman.

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