I don't know why this annoys me as much as it does, but according to EVERY co-worker I have here at the station, it annoys them too.

We were discussing annoying things people do on Facebook the other day, and the subject of these posts came up....


First of all let me point out that I am a HUGE dog lover. I love THIS dog. I love ALL dogs. I want to scratch his ears and rub his wittle tummy. But this post confuses me and concerns me at the same time.

I'm confused as to why the dog has whatever that is on his legs. There's no explanation, no link to a source...just a dog with 'something' on his legs.

I'm concerned because the person who posted this said to themselves: 'AWWWW! Look at that poor dog. I better share this to show I have 1000 respects! I don't want anybody to think I saw this poor animal and didn't throw in my 1000 respects!'

What exactly is a 'respect'? How does sharing this post do ANYTHING for the dog? Why do I see HUNDREDS of these stupid posts from the same 20 people day in and day out on my timeline?

It's just annoying and...quite honestly sad...that people post this stuff over and over again. I think some people should have their 'share' buttons removed.

Before you hit 'share', make sure there's context to the story, check out the source to make sure it's not completely made up and don't share ANYTHING more that once every 48-hours or so. You'll make yourself (and Facebook in general) far less annoying.